ProPERLA® Clear Masonry Creme

ProPERLA® Masonry Crème is designed to insulate bricks and porous building materials. The product chemically bonds to the surface, can penetrate up to 17 mm and will create an invisible insulation barrier.

ProPERLA® Masonry Crème is technologically advanced and comes with a 20 year guarantee.

ProPERLA® Masonry Crème is based on the latest nanotechnology that reacts with mineral groups and actively bonds to mineral surfaces such as concrete and brick and protects against rain, dirt, algae, pollution, oil and others.


Invisible Insulation

ProPERLA® Masonry Crème creates an invisible insulation barrier for single skin buildings and those built with a cavity. It has been proven to help retain heat in walls and reduce heat loss. UKAS accredited tests have demonstrated that by reducing water absorption of the walls, ProPERLA® Masonry Crème lead to thermal performance benefits. It has been proven to meet ETAG 004;2011.

Testing in a hygrothermal chamber revealed that a wall coated in ProPERLA® Masonry Crème and subjected to repeated heat-rain conditions in accordance with ETAG 034:2012, resulted in reduced heat loss when compared with the uncoated (control) wall. The uncoated wall showed on average an increase of 6C of heat loss in comparison to the walls coated with ProPERLA® Masonry Crème.

ProPERLA® Masonry Crème improves thermal efficiency and contributes to lower energy consumption and lower energy bills, by keeping walls dry. Damp walls act as ‘thermal bridges’ – enabling heat to transfer from the inside out twice as quickly as it would if the walls remained dry.

Independent testing has shown that ProPERLA® Masonry Crème reduces water absorption by 96.3% and meets the British standard for water vapour resistance BS EN ISO 7783:2011.

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Super Hydrophobic

A surface is considered super hydrophobic if a water droplet beads up (with a contact angle greater than 140⁰ and the droplets can slide aware from the surface readily (it has a small contact angle hysteresis). Super hydrophobic surfaces repel water, causing it to form beads because it is more attracted to itself than the surface. This means water will run off the surface making it extremely difficult to wet.

This is known as the ‘lotus effect’ due to its similarity to the lotus leaf but is also seen on duck feathers and butterfly wings. Substrates coated with ProPERLA® Masonry Crème will respond in the same way – water will form droplets and won’t penetrate the substrate. Independent testing has shown that it reduces water absorption by 96.3% and meets the British standard for water vapour resistance BS EN ISO 7783:2011.

Proven Performance

ProPERLA® Masonry Crème has undergone independent tests by UKAS certified body Lucideon and has been proven to meet the following standards;

Prevent and protect

By diminishing water absorption, ProPERLA® Masonry Crème has been proven to reduce soluble salts migrating from bricks and mortar thereby preventing unsightly deposits of salt efflorescence. Whilst salt efflorescence is generally considered an aesthetic problem, it does have the potential to cause structural damage, such as the erosion of mortar joints, known as sulphate attack.

ProPERLA® Masonry Crème does not alter the appearance of the building, it helps to maintain and protect the natural beauty of the masonry;