ProPERLA Exterior Facade Coating

ProPERLA Exterior Facade Coating to preserve and enhance properties

Warmcoat UK is a ProPERLA-approved applicator of Exterior Facade Coatings – a two-coat-coloured, waterproof exterior wall coating that not only improves your building’s aesthetics but also ensures long-term protection.

Proven through independent UKAS-certified tests, our coating guarantees superior performance for years to come. You can also choose from a palette of pastel shades to complement your building’s style and colour scheme.

Key Benefits:

  • Super Hydrophobic & Self-Cleaning: Creates a surface that repels dirt, moss, algae, and lichens. Rainfall effortlessly washes away particles.
  • Prevent Discolouration: Proactively inhibits discolouration, maintaining the vibrancy of your building’s appearance.
  • Breathable Wall Coating: Highly breathable, doesn’t block masonry pores; keeping walls dry whilst allowing air and moisture to escape.
  • Long Lasting: Hygrothermal performance guards against the detrimental effects of weather, including wind-driven rain, frost, humidity, and salt penetration.
  • UV Resistant & Colour Stable: Unaffected by UV rays, ensuring long-lasting colour stability for many years.

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