2023 : National + State Data NCDAS

When looking at alcohol-related death statistics it’s also clear that alcoholism is more prevalent in men. For example, 7% of male deaths are attributed to alcohol, while only 2.6% of female deaths are attributed to alcohol. Some other factors that influence how people react to alcohol include mental health disorders and medications. Mental health disorders […]

What Happens When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Symptoms that occur after two weeks are usually more psychological in nature and can last for several months in some cases. However, as the first day continues and hangover symptoms subside, actual alcohol withdrawal symptoms set in, especially for daily drinkers. Here’s how people reported their symptoms https://ecosoberhouse.com/ on day one after quitting alcohol. Detoxification, or detox, […]

Diagnosing Alcohol Use Disorder

On top of this it is also particularly effective at identifying the first signs of alcoholism. The Drinking Scale Test created by Johns Hopkins University is a simple Yes or No type questionnaire with 20 short questions. More comprehensive and accurate questionnaires can be used at a later date to confirm or refute the initial diagnosis. If you […]