correction of errors in accounting

For example, suppose the trial balance showed total debits of 84,600 but total credits of 83,400 leaving a difference of 1,200 as shown below. Suppose the sale of old furniture for $5,000 is credited to the sales account. This error cannot be corrected directly by crediting the furniture account with $5,000. Whether a rectifying journal entry should be passed or not depends on the nature of the mistake.

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Disclosure initiative — Principles of disclosure

Every business is interested in finding out its true results in terms of profit or loss from the operational activities, as well as its true financial position at the end of the financial year. Earlier, Top 5 Best Software for Law Firm Accounting and Bookkeeping it was mentioned that some errors are disclosed by the trial balance, while others are not. Therefore, in this article, whenever we refer to rectification of errors, we mean unintentional errors.

correction of errors in accounting

(3) Cash of $8,900 paid for plant repairs was correctly accounted for in the cash book but was credited to the plant cost account. E.g. The purchase of a non-current asset costing $100 has been recorded by debiting $10 to the non-current assets account and crediting $100 to cash. Corrections to any of the six errors mentioned above will affect the suspense account. The balance on the suspense account must be cleared before final accounts can be prepared. (6)A cash sale of $200 has been debited to sales and credited to cash.

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Sometimes, a change in estimate is affected by a change in accounting principle (e.g., a change in the depreciation method for equipment). A change of this nature may only be made if the change in accounting principle is also preferable. Where the trial balance totals do not agree and to avoid any delay in the preparation of the final accounts, a Suspense Account would be opened to record the difference in the trial balance totals pending the time the error(s) are located and corrected. As the errors are found, they are corrected by means of a journal entry (i.e. entry in the General Journal).

correction of errors in accounting

Journal 1The Dr entry would go towards clearing any suspense a/c balance. (3) When a motor vehicle had been purchased during the year the bookkeeper did not know what to do with the debit entry so he made the entry Dr Suspense, Cr Bank $1,575. A good indicator for a transposition error is that the difference (in this case 270) is divisible by 9.

Suspense accounts and error correction

If the errors are located after the preparation of the final accounts, they will already have impacted the profit or loss of the business. A core principle of accounting is that every debit should have an equal credit. If this basic principle is violated in any manner, at any time, or at any stage during the accounting period, errors (i.e., mistakes) occur.

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